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Get to Sitges from Barcelona

Usually, the most used transport to go from Barcelona to Sitges is the train: with affordable prices and spectacular views

They also have a very good frequency during the day time slot, although the bus lines offer a longer time slot providing service throughout the night.

By car from Barcelona is a journey of about 45 ‘ by toll motorway, or along the coast road (without toll) with spectacular views.

The taxi is the most expensive option, but with personalized door-to-door service that can be interesting depending on the needs of the traveler.

Barcelona has 3 train stations that take you to Sitges by taking the R2 Sud Cercanías Line.

Instructions to get to Sitges by train from Barcelona

We will get on the train and take the R2 SUD line in the direction of Vilanova i la Geltrú or Sant Vicenç de Calders. The price of the ticket to go to Sitges by train from Barcelona is 4’20.- € and can be bought at the ticket offices or at the vending machines at the station. Once on the train, taking a seat on the left side of the train car will offer you beautiful views of the sea arriving at Garraf.

Trains, timetables and stops are well indicated on the information panels on the platforms of the train stations

Trains from Barcelona to Sitges run with high frequency from Estació de Sants and Passeig de Gracia from Monday to Friday. You can check the timetables and departures for trains from Barcelona to Sitges on the Rodalies of Catalunya train link.

1 - Barcelona-Estació de França
Located at Avenida Marqués de l’Argentera, 1, next to the Ciutadella Park between the Barceloneta and Ribera neighborhoods (also known as the Born neighborhood)

Metro Line L4

2 - Barcelona- Passeig de Gràcia station / halt
The Passeig de Gràcia underground station (train and metro) is at the intersection with Aragó street, approximately between numbers 43 and 51 of the aforementioned Passeig de Gràcia, in the Eixample neighborhood

Metro lines L2, L3 and L4

3 - Barcelona-Estació de Sants
Located in the Sants neighborhood (Plaça dels Països Catalans, s / n) it’s the main national and international long-distance train station.

Metro lines L3 and L5

Private car

Going by car / motorcycle from Barcelona to Sitges is a 38 km journey with an average duration of 45 minutes, although at rush hour leaving Barcelona can slow down traffic.

The fastest and safest route is the C-32 Pau Casals highway (toll) towards Sitges, Tarragona, Exit 30. The toll for the Barcelona – Sitges highway in 2021 is € 3.31 for motor and € 6.89 for cars .

Helpful tips

If you have time, you can take the C-31 road, driving 18 km along the Costas road, which will guarantee you good views over the sea and the Garraf coast.

For motorcycle lovers, the route along the Costas del Garraf is highly recommended.


From Barcelona city:
From Barcelona, it is easy to find a taxi that provides the transport service to Sitges, although the price can be high compared to public transport (around € 75-85) and the cost of the motorway toll is charged separately. Barcelona taxis are black and yellow.
There are several companies with taxis in Barcelona, some examples are:

Radio Taxi Barcelona +34 93 2933111
Taxis Barcelona +34 93 1131920

From Barcelona’s “El Prat” Airport
At Barcelona airport, at any main exit of Terminal 1 (T1) or Terminal 2 (T2) there is a taxi rank available to new arrivals. The cost is the one indicated on the meter plus the surcharges corresponding to luggage, the airport or port and highways (see rates inside the taxi). The cost can be between € 60-75 from T1 and € 65-80 from T2.

There are taxis 24 hours a day.

Taxi Barcelona Sitges

Bus from Barcelona to Sitges

The bus from Barcelona to Sitges wins users for its easy usability, comfort and wi-fi service. More and more users are taking the bus with a regular line operated by the BUSGARRAF company. Barcelona Sitges by bus is a 38 km route with a travel time of between 45 and 55 minutes depending on stops.

The bus service in Barcelona starts at Ronda Universidad, 33, between Calle Balmes and Plaza Catalunya. between Calle Balmes and Plaza Catalunya Sepúlveda street and nother one at Plaza España.

In Sitges, the main bus stop is in front of the Parc de Can Robert, en la Avenida Vilanova 14. It also has stops at Passeig de Vilanova 44, at Restaurante la Masia and at Càmping Sitges

We suggest visiting their website for schedules, stops, lines and maps.: (website in Catalan, English, French and Spanish). Telf. Contact: +34 93 893 70 60

Weekends have different schedules on working Saturdays from Sundays and holidays, the first bus leaves later than weekdays and there is less frequency of departures.

The price of the bus ticket is 4.10.- €, it can be bought on the same bus.

The bus from Barcelona to Sitges has a night service, but it varies depending on whether it is the winter season or the summer season, and depending on whether it is a business or holiday. We recommend consulting the BusGarraf website to check the schedules of the night bus line according to the date of travel, since it does not have as much frequency as the daytime line, nor as many stops, but a time range during the night that the train does not cover. This line covers the route from Barcelona, passing through the airport, Bellvitge, Sitges, Sant Pere de Ribes, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Canyelles, Olèrdola and Vilafranca del Penedès.

How to get to Sitges by Boat

Depending on the length of the boat, you can go to the Port of Sitges. You can communicate by radio with any of the 3 marinas in Sitges through channel 9 or by phone.

Port d’Aiguadolç

41° 13.9′ N – 1° 49.4′ E
+34 93 894 26 00
Passeig de les Drassanes, 69
08870 Sitges

Port Ginesta

41º 15’5 N – 1º 55’5 E
+34 93 664 36 61
Amarratges de Port Ginesta
08860 Sitges (Les Botigues de Sitges)

Port Garraf

41° 15′ N – 1° 54′ E
+34 93 632 00 13
Amarratges del Port de Garraf
08871 Sitges (Garraf)

Boat Rental in Sitges

Surcando Mares
Port Aiguadolç, local 8
Tel. +34 93 894 93 17
Fax + 34 93 894 93 17

Sitges Information – Location and Surroundings

Sitges is a Mediterranean coastal town, located in the Garraf area in the province of Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain

Sheltered by the Garraf mountains and due to its geographical position in the Mediterranean, Sitges has a warm “micro-climate” that makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities almost every day of the year. Moreover, throughout the year numerous events take place in this beautiful town: the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Carnival, the Festa Major, Theatre Festivals, The Barcelona-Sitges Vintage Car Rally, Harvest Festival, concerts … the list goes on, however one can also enjoy simply taking a stroll along the sea-front boulevard, a bike ride through the Garraf Natural Park or soak up the atmosphere of the Sitges nights on the renowned “Dos de Mayo” street.

Four kilometres of beach with a delightful sea-front promenade featuring turn of the 20th century colonial “Indiano” mansions on one side and the sea on the other, makes it always a good excuse for a trip to Sitges.

Two residential areas located some distance from Sitges are within the boundaries of the Sitges municipality and are administered by the town hall. One is the village of Garraf located on the coast just off the C-31 on the corniche road between Castelldefels and Sitges and the other is a residential area called Les Botigues de Sitges which is closer to the town of Castelldefels. Both areas have their own marinas, that of Les Botigues is called Port Ginesta.

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