Sitges Beaches

The beaches of Sitges are one of the main tourist attractions of the city, they are mostly of fine sand and they are distributed along the coast of Sitges of 17 km, each with its own style and different leisure proposals.

Following the coast of Sitges there are a total of 19 beaches, inside and outside of the town area. Each one of them has its own peculiarities and services. Beaches of Sitges Downtown Area  and Sitges Beaches Levante Areaoffer various services and equipment, as well as a wide range of sports, leisure, select cuisine and a wide range of cocktails, among other services. Beaches of Sitges Zona Poniente, instead, they have less equipment as they are more difficult to access, but are characterized by their natural charms, more pristine and surrounded by cliffs.

The beaches of Sitges have many characteristics: small, large beaches, quiet coves, family, naturist or urban that can be accessed on foot. Nine of these beaches in Sitges have been distinguished this year 2021 with the Bandera Azul, a recognition that rewards environmental management, water quality and beach safety, among other aspects.

Sitges has “ordenanzas municipales para regular el uso de las playas de Sitges ” (municipal ordinances to regulate the use of the beaches of Sitges) in terms of beach weddings, access to animals, lightning of fires on the beach and banning the search for metals. We recommend consulting them.

Weddings on the beaches of Sitges

Weddings will be allowed on the beaches of Garraf, Cala Morisca, Aiguadolç, Cala Balmins, La Barra and Las Anquines throughout the year but will be regulated during the bathing season and the maximum influx of people per day and time (from 1st to 15th  July, only on weekdays, and from July 16th to August 31st only on weekdays and from 8 pm to 9 am). The organizers must pay the municipal fee in accordance with the ordinance and ensure the preservation of the spaces used and the environment during the celebration.

Sitges Beaches

Sitges Beaches Levante Area

Beaches of Sitges Downtown Area

Beaches of Sitges Zona Poniente

Sitges Beaches – Information

From June to September on the Sitges Beaches you can practice different activities according to different types of public: listening to live music, lifesaving workshops for the little ones, guided aerobics classes, aquagym, zumba, sup yoga … for those who they want more physical activity and fitness for the elderly.

Each beach in Sitges has different activities and can vary from year to year, so we advise you to consult the agenda or at the beach dealer / bar organizer, for more information.

Events on the Beaches of Sitges

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Sports on the beaches of Sitges:

On the Playa de la Fragata we have the Club Nàutic where you can rent non-motorized boats (sailing, catamaran …), windsurfing, paddle surfing, kayaks … On this beach one cab play volleyball and frescobol as it is one of the widest beaches in the center of Sitges.

This beach hosts the annual Rugby Seven Beach International Championship (usually in June).

On the  Playa de las Anquines you can find Nootka Kayak & Paddle Surf which offers rental of pedal skates, kayaks, paddle surfing, monster … and guided routes along the coast.

On the Playa de la Marina d’Aiguadolç Sitges Surf Club has its base for summer surf courses and campuses.

Deporte playas de Sitges

Sitges beaches for people with reduced mobility

Currently, most of Sitges’ urban and eastern beaches are adapted for people with reduced mobility. They have adapted toilets, access ramps, walkways and, in some cases, reserved parking spaces. In addition, an amphibious chair service is offered to enable bathing in Les Botigues de Sitges, Garraf, Aiguadolç, San Sebastián, Ribera and La Barra.

Rescue and lifeguard service on the beaches of Sitges

The rescue and lifeguard service begins with the beach season, usually from June to mid-October, although from 2022 a rescue team will begin to work from May 1st until the start of the summer season. This group is made up of 4 lifeguards who will have a six-hour service each day to ensure the safety of the beaches on a daily basis, with a vehicle and a motorcycle to monitor this.

The company that carries out lifesaving and rescue on the beaches of Sitges is ProActiva.

Dates and schedule of the rescue and first aid service of Sitges 2022:

Rescue schedule on the beaches in high summer season

In high summer season, considered from June 25th to September 4th, the rescue schedule is extended from 10 am to 7 pm, with 31 lifeguards.

Rescue schedule on the beaches in mid-summer season

From the 10th to the 24th of June and from the 5th to the 25th of September (mid-summer season) the schedule will be from 11am to 6pm and will be held with 27 lifeguards

Rescue schedule on the beaches in low summer season

From June 3 to 9 and from September 26 to October 15 (low summer season) there will be rescue service between 12 noon and 6 pm with 19 lifeguards. More informationa at the link

Salvamento en playas de Sitges

Additional information on the beaches of Sitges to consider

Capacity control on the beaches of Sitges

Sitges is committed to technology for controlling the gauging of the beaches: two professional pilots will make four daily flights with drones, lasting half an hour, for 19 days, from July 15 to August 22. The aerial robots will take pictures at an altitude of about 30 meters and 50 meters from the shore, with four half-hour daily flights.

The drones will obtain real-time images every 10 minutes, which will then be analyzed with a program that calculates the occupancy by tapping heads. This guarantees the preservation of the identity and the faces of the people who are on the beach at that time.

Playas de Sitges

Access to the breakwaters on the beaches of Sitges is prohibited and one can be fined for it.

No pets on the beach during bathing season (except expressly authorized beaches)

Prohibition of the presence of animals on the beaches during the bathing season (from the beginning of Easter until the weekend after October 15) on all beaches and coves of Sitges, except those that are expressly authorized.

More information about beaches with pets in Sitges

No fire on the beach, flying lanterns or pyrotechnics

It is forbidden to make any kind of fire on the beach. Flying fire lanterns and pyrotechnics will not be allowed, except for municipal authorization for popular festivals, verbenas, musical performances, pyrotechnics or similar.

Searching for metals on the beaches of Sitges with metal detectors or trackers is prohibited

Prohibition of the search for metals with metal detectors or trackers, to preserve the archaeological heritage in the face of the possible looting of metal remains of historical value such as ancient coins that can be found on the beaches.

Sun protection on the beaches of Sitges:

More radiation hours on the beaches of Sitges are between 12 am and 4 pm. The tips for protecting your skin during sun exposure on the beach are as follows:

  • Get protected with a t-shirt, hat and sunglasses even on cloudy days.
  • Using solar sunscreens as skin type and renew periodically.

Jellyfish on the Beaches of Sitges:

There may be jellyfish in some beaches. It is to know about this animal containing a poison bag and a filament wound when a dam touch shoot some skewers that open a wound and displays a strand where the poison inoculated. Can inoculate venom being killed or even above the beach sand. For what you would consider a number of recommendations:
– Where many jellyfish on the beach: no bathing, be protected with sunscreen and shirt, not to step in the breaker because the half-buried remains of jellyfish sting too, even if they are not to touch dead jellyfish
– If you have been stung by a jellyfish: wound wet with seawater (not freshwater), apply ice in a bag, remove debris shielding tentacles fingers, rub the wound in any way, do not use ammonia in any case.