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Zumba en Acquabeach, Playa Terramar

Zumba en Acquabeach, Playa Terramar

Вс 31 Мар пo Чт 31 Окт

Zumba en chiringuito Acquabeach en la Playa de Terramar con @danydzumba y @sheptiiusoficial79 Domingos a partir de las 11:00h Miércoles a partir de las 19:00h AcquaBeach by Sunway Hotels ...
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Yoga en la playa con Iguana Sitges

Yoga en la playa con Iguana Sitges

Ср 17 Апр пo Вс 29 Сен

Clases de yoga gratuitas en Iguana Sitges Todos los miercoles a las 9h en la Playa de la Fragata Actividad gratuita Trae tu pareo Imprescindible reserva por whatsapp en +34 687 984 721 ...
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Jazz en AcquaBeach

Jazz en AcquaBeach

Пт 17 Май пo Пн 30 Сен

Los viernes a las 18h, jazz en Acquabeach con Joan Pinos...
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Путеводитель по пляжам Ситжеса

Urban beaches of Sitges

The urban beaches of Sitges are accessible for swimming and sunbathing, they are the most central and crowded ones and they range from Aiguadolç near the Port of Sitges to Anquines, in Terramar and along the Paseo Marítimo.

The Levante beaches include the Les Botigues de Sitges beaches, which are the ones close to Castelldefels, with lots of sand and very large, Garraf beach, well known for the fishermen’s cottages at the foot of the beach, passing through Cala Ginesta, Cala Morisca, and Vallcarca, which is a beach to go with pets.

The Poniente beaches are the furthest from the urban center in a southern direction, they are wilder beaches, with cliffs, mostly nudist, and with a gay atmosphere. The color of the sea is turquoise blue and they are difficult to access beaches and therefore with fewer people. In the Poniente beaches, you can find Home Mort beach and Desenrocada beach.

Playa Aigudolç Sitges

1.- Aiguadolç

The Marina d’Aiguadolç beach is the beach that is located before reaching the Port of Sitges Aiguadolç. It takes its name from a freshwater spring that comes from Massís del Garraf and appears on this beach. It is a family beach, quiet and where water sports such as surfing are practiced, since the Sitges Surf Club holds many of its classes there.

Playa Les Anquines Sitges

2.- Anquines

It is the beach located in front of the Hotel Me, well protected by the breakwaters that give it a visual shape of a seashell, a quiet beach very frequented during the day by families because it has all the services, although facing the sunset in recent years, it has gained visibility thanks to the implementation of the famous BESO beach bar.

Playa Cala Balmins Sitges

3.- Cala Balmins

On the Paseo de Balmins, on the way to Port d’Aiguadolç, it is a beach with a very diverse and very loyal public, families, nudists, naturist, textiles, gay-friendly, … in Balmins everyone fits and has their space. Three small coves give this beach a very special and welcoming shape, it has all the services.

It has all the services and the 10 minute walk that we will use from the old town is worth of it.

Playa Bassa Rodona Sitges

4.- Bassa Rodona

Bassa Rodona beach, with easy access from Paseo de la Ribera, is a beach where the eastern storms tend to affect the amount of sand, but it generally receives additional sand so that it can shine for its public that is usually gayfriendly. Currently, this beach has very little sand, and recent municipal regulations do not allow for additional sand replenishment.

The centennial Club de Mar has the start of its sailing boats with a well-validated start.

Playa Cap de Grills Sitges

5.- Cap de Grills

A few years ago this stone beach went unnoticed, it was a place to pass through to get to the old Atlantida nightclub or on the way to the access road to Colls Miralpeix and some of the Sitges small beaches «calas»  (Home Mort, Desenrocada). It is one of the beaches to go with dogs and is accessed by passing in front of the Terramar Golf Club.

Currently this beach is considered a protected environment and can no longer house beach bars.

Playa Estanyol Sitges

6.- Estanyol

Easily accessible beach from the Paseo Marítimo, it has several beach bars that provide all the services, meals, hammocks, parasols, skates, activities…, each one with its curiosities, massages… it is for all audiences , families, friends, the elderly, … all share space on this beach.

Playa La Fragata Sitges

7.- La Fragata

Possibly one of the most photographed beaches in Spain, it is the beach that is below La Punta (the church) and is frequented by young people, families, athletes, friends playing volleyball, paddle tennis… and which houses the Club Nàutic de Sitges from which we can take sailing boats to go sailing and enjoy the unbeatable views of Sitges from the sea, which are spectacular. It features all services and the Iguana beach bar, where we can sit and admire the beauty of La Punta while enjoying its magnificent cuisine and a plethora of activities such as live music, yoga…

The Club Nàutic terrace is one of those special places in Sitges.

Playa La Barra Sitges

8.- La Barra

Recognizable by the 4 islands that protect it and a breakwater in the form of a bar or «T». From the Paseo Marítimo at the height of the statue of Benaprés we will be able to access easily (ramps, stairs, ). It is known for its little islands and its beach bars like the historic one  Sausalito (currently closed due to the retirement of the owners).

Playa de La Ribera Sitges

9.- La Ribera

Beach in the heart of Paseo de la Ribera in the center of the urban nucleus, very well known, it is the one under the centenary «Chiringuito del Paseo», access ramps and all services, very popular and for all audiences, and very busy by tourists, it is usually the first beach to put hammocks and parasols at the beginning of each beach season

Playa Riera Xica Sitges

10.- Riera Xica

Opposite the residential neighborhood of Vinyet with its beautiful houses, Riera Xica beach is known for its tranquility.

Anyone looking for a quiet urban beach has to stop at Riera Xica.

Playa Sant Sebastià Sitges

11.- Sant Sebastià

Urban family beach where the town people go, located in the Sant Sebastià neighborhood and presided over on one side by the hermitage of Sant Sebastià and on the other by the Museums and El Racó del Calma. It has always been considered one of the best urban beaches in the world, the terraces of Paseo de Sant Sebastià or the beach bar will satisfy our gastronomic needs with excellent views. It has all the services.

Playa Terramar Sitges

12.- Terramar

Small beach in front of the houses of Terramar, very quiet, with pebbles, it is not just sand, rubber/swimming shoes are recommended when entering the water. The Acquabeach beach bar offers all the services to enjoy the sun and the beach, live music, and it’s also famous for its Sunday morning Zumba sessions.

But Sitges has many more kilometers of beach, there are many far from the center, some to the south (direction Vilanova) and others to the north (direction Castelldefels and Barcelona)

Western beaches of Sitges

The western beaches are south of Sitges, we will take the Colls Miralpeix path that follows the coast to Vilanova and we will arrive at these small nudist, naturist and predominantly gay-friendly beaches, as the Colls area is internationally known as a cruissing space, in them we will not find crowds because their complicated orography and the path limits access to everyone, which is why they are possibly beaches that we can label «natural».

Playa del Hombre Muerto Sitges

13.- Playa del Muerto

Beyond the old Atlantida disco, the path through Colls Miralpeix will take us to this small nudist and gay beach that, surrounded by cliffs, offers an intimacy and a distance that, although close, we are no longer in urban Sitges and separates us from other sensations, only the noise of the train will bother us from time to time, the sea water takes on a turquoise Caribbean color.

Playa La Desenrocada Sitges

14.- Desenrocada

Gay naturist beach with international fame, for many years the «chiringay» has been offering services in a place far from the center of Sitges, sun loungers, tables with sea views to eat in such a special place, the excursion for the most adventurous and «open mind» is worth it, it is a haven of peace in the middle of nowhere and so close to the hustle and bustle of Sitges, there are many gay-friendly users who, after the hustle and bustle and nightlife in Sitges, seek rest and recharge their batteries in this beach . It has all the services.

Sitges is a municipality with many kilometers of coastline and beaches, from Les Botigues de Sitges to Vilanova, the Levante Beaches of Sitges are the closest to Barcelona

«Levante» beaches of Sitges
(north towards Barcelona)

Cala Ginesta

15.- Cala Ginesta

It is an unknown beach that we will arrive at from Port Ginesta, it is small with some natural dunes that give us access, the side cliff and the port give us a configuration that is perhaps excessively calm, and to which we could also label it “natural”. It has a small snack bar.

Cala Morisca

16.- Cala Morisca

Halfway between Garraf and Sitges on the Garraf coast in the surroundings of the Garraf Natural Park, it is a beach where naturists coexist with textiles and where we must park the car in the private payment area that gives access to the beach. A small beach bar on the corner of the beach will satisfy our needs and give us the desired tranquility.

Playa de Garraf

17.- Playa de Garraf

For National Geographic and for us, one of the most beautiful and special beaches in the world, the beach with the colored houses located in front of the beach. It is a beach that receives many visitors who take advantage of the train station. It is a quieter beach during the week, on weekends it usually has a greater influx of visitors. It has a beach bar, although the Cúpula restaurant, which sits on top of the mound overlooking the beach, will satisfy all our culinary needs. It has all the services on the beach.

Playa de Les Botigues de Sitges

18.- Playa de les Botigues

It is confused with the Playas de Castelldefels, in front of Les Botigues de Sitges, it is a long, very long, large beach with a lot, a lot of sand, with all the services, with several different beach bars that will serve all our gastronomic needs, and of leisure a few meters from the waves. It is the largest of all the beaches in Sitges with 1.5 km long and 100 meters wide. Good access by train, from the Castelldefels beach halt and very popular with residents of the Barcelona metropolitan area. The confinement motivated by covid19, and the non-human presence on the beach for two months has recovered nesting on the Little Plover  (we will see some delimited space protecting these nests). It has all the services

Playa de Vallcarca Sitges

19.- Playa de Vallcarca

Vallcarca Beach is located between the towns of Sitges and Garraf, and is one of the few beaches in Sitges where you can go with your dog. It is a small, quiet beach where a very cool beach bar recently opened where you can rest in the shade, have a drink or take a nap on one of its sun loungers or hammocks with a very Zen vibe.

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