Education is a universal right for all children between 6 and 16 years. It is compulsory and free for everyone living in the town and registered at the Town Hall.

In Spain there are three types of schools: public schools, private schools and concerted schools. Public education is free of charge for families (except for tuition, books, room, bus service …). The private education implies a cost that can be higher or lower depending on the chosen school (the books are extra, also the dining room and transport …). Concerted education corresponds to private schools with public funding, so the monthly cost has  a subsidized part.

To access a public school must be registered in that population. You can apply for a vacancy in a public school in another town, but the scoring system to access gives preference to those registered in the municipality ahead of other applicants. It also takes into account the proximity of the student’s home and school, among other criteria. Therefore, if the demand exceeds the supply of places and not being registered in the municipality, it will be very difficult to reach a school. Then be allocated a place at a school in the municipality of residence.

To enroll a child in school, you have to take into account the educational stage:

– 0-3 years: First early childhood education
– 3-6 years: Child Education
– 6-12 years: Elementary Education
– 12-16 years: compulsory secondary education.
– 16-18 years: Baccalaureate school and vocational training intermediate level
– More than 18 years University studies, higher level vocational training.

To enroll a child in a school in Sitges:

Oficina Municipal d’Escolarització (OME)
C/ Sant Joan, 1
Teléfono: 93 811 42 55

(during the pre-registration period, around March, this office moves to OAC).

The documentation required is:
– If you are over age student ID card (original and photocopy) or residence where has the NIE if the student is abroad)
– If you are a minor: family book or other documents relating to the affiliation (original and photocopy) and ID Card (original and photocopy) of the applicant, who must be the father, or mother, or guardian or in fact, or in case of foreigners, the NIE. The vaccination card and health card must be provided too.