¡Disfruta del flamenco también en Sitges!

Let me tell you, this opportunity is not just an expression. I began my journey as a designer in my Atelier in the charming neighborhood of Sant Pere in Barcelona. Inspiration came from my childhood memories, spending summers in Andalusia with my cousins, admiring their dazzling dresses for the ferias.

Mercedes Mestre Atelier flamencoThat was the moment when an inner source of energy unleashed within me. With my background as a fashion designer and stylist, I longed to express everything I had inside. That’s when I discovered the “flamenco experiences,” a way to showcase, share, and bring my fashion designs to every corner, highlighting the unique talent we all carry within.

I spent an entire decade turning my passion into reality.
But then came COVID-19, it surprised us all and completely changed our lives. I thought the magic had faded away and, with sadness, I closed my Atelier and decided to seek a new home.

Sitges became my refuge, a place to reinvent myself by the sea that has always inspired me. And now, I return, overflowing with positive energy, to share everything I have learned. On one hand, I offer you my expertise in styling for everyone, enhancing your curves, discovering the colors that suit you best, and empowering the woman within you. On the other hand, my “flamenco experiences” will allow you to feel and enjoy flamenco like never before, immersing yourself in an artistic expression that emanates from the gypsy people and my deepest ancestral roots.

Mercedes Mestre Atelier FlamencoIn my Image Consulting & Personal Shopping service, you will discover which colors, cuts, and fabrics suit you best, making your future purchases easier. I will also keep you updated on the latest trends and teach you how to apply them correctly to your body, saving you time and money in a personalized shopping journey. Together, we will bring out the best in you without losing your essence.
Why not give your image a twist? Whether it’s for your everyday life, post-pregnancy, during physical changes, after a separation, in search of a new partner, a job promotion, an interview, or any special event… I am here to help you.

Behind the scenes, I share my secrets: “Empowering women through clothing is my passion,” I confess to my client Xènia, who is fascinated by the results.

In my experiences, you will learn to create your own flamenco bag with the help of a designer, a unique souvenir to take home from your vacation. You will also have the option to purchase some of my dress designs, skirts, bodysuits, or accessories.

Discover your flamenco passion in Sitges, dress with style and enchant with every step wearing one of my designs, an Mercedes Mestre Atelier Flamencoexperience for someone special. Plus, you can capture unique moments in photographs, whether on a terrace with red geraniums or in the most emblematic corners of Sitges, where flamenco elegance meets Mediterranean charm.

You will learn, step by step, how to dance Sevillanas, move your legs and arms, and take away an unforgettable choreography.

Live flamenco takes center stage with the dancers and their stunning costumes. We offer demonstrations of dances and our own performances, such as sevillanas, alegrías, farruca, guajirón, erachi, and bulerías.

You will be amazed to discover why their footwork is so loud, the nails in their soles cause astonishment! How they dance with castanets and fans, and how everyone present starts dancing and applauding to the rhythm.

If I have sparked your curiosity, you are ready to try my image consulting, a shopping tour, or a color analysis. If you feel a special connection, if you can already envision yourself dressed in flamenco or dancing, I am here to help you and provide a unique experience that you will always remember, the feeling of being “flamenca” for a day.

Let’s talk!

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