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Tourist Routes in Sitges
Nature, History and Architecture

Old Quarter Routes

Sant Sebastià Church and Beach Route

Garraf Park Route

Terramar and Vinyet Route

Singular Houses – Center

Singular Houses – S. Sebastià

Singular Houses – Terramar

A brushstroke on the outskirts

Other tourist and cultural routes in Sitges

The Sitges Agency for the Promotion of Tourism recommends a series of itineraries, detailed below. Agisitges (AGIS), which has offered cultural services since 1995, organises guided visits in and around Sitges.

The routes proposed by the Sitges Agency for the Promotion of Tourism and operated by AGIS are:

The Americanos

Upon their return, the Sitgetans who had made their fortune in America built highly decorated colonial-inspired houses in the architectural styles of the late nineteenth century.

Sitges in time of Modernism

Santiago Rusiñol was the painter and writer who towards the end of the nineteenth century revolutionized Sitges with his Modernist festivals and his Cau Ferrat workshop & home. Sitges itself became a meeting point for Modernist intellectuals and artists. The village streets are still a display of numerous aesthetic features of that prolific period and the Cau Ferrat Museum exhibits many examples of art created at that time.

The old quarter

Visiting the old town of Sitges, one can see the imprints history has left in its wake: remains of the old wall, the cannon mounted in the Baluard (bastion), museums, fishermen houses…

Route of the souls

An itinerary through Sitges from the parish church to the old cemetery to view examples of funerary art from the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth century by artists Josep Llimona, Frederic Marés, Manel Fuxà and Agapit Vallmitjana among others.


This itinerary weaves through the residential area of Terramar where the mansions from the beginning of the twentieth century, many of them built by architect Josep M. Martino i Arroyo, may be admired. The development of Terramar begun in 1918 and it was inaugurated in the spring of 1933. The tour allows you to admire the modernist gardens, the noucentisme architecture and the beautiful and spacious Jardins de Terramar park, which delights children and adults alike. The visit to the old Terramar racetrack is optional. Opened in 1923, it was the first permanent automobile circuit for racing competitions.

The malvasia route

The cellar where the Malvasia de Sitges is produced was donated to the Sant Joan Baptista Hospital by the Sitges diplomat Manuel Llopis i de Casades (1885-1935). Malvasia is a white grape variety that produces sweet and highly aromatic wines. The Llopis family bequeathed their land, their wine business and most of their properties to the hospital provided the commitment was made (and which is still honoured today) to continue production of the Malvasia wine. The itinerary includes a visit to the listed, modernist-style hospital built in 1912 by Josep Font i Gumà and to the cellar where the different Malvasia de Sitges wines are produced. A visit to the Llopis’s home, which now houses the Museu Romàntic is optional.

The women of Sitges

This route is organized the first and third Sunday every month. It is a walk around Sitges seen through the eyes of the women who have lived and worked in the village. The visit includes the Mercat Vell (old market), the Sant Joan Hospital (its first benefactor was a woman), the Maricel Museum where much of the art displayed shows female images, the Avinguda Sofía…

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