Sitges – Moverse en Coche | Parkings en Sitges

The speed limit in town is 50 km/h although it can be limited to 30 km/h on certain streets. It is very difficult to

find a parking spot in the town centre.  A  “vado permanente” is a sign affixed to a garage door, gate, access to parking or in front of a store and indicates that parking in that spot is prohibited. Should you park in front of a vado permanente, your car shall be towed and payment for the tow truck and  corresponding fine will be required to recover your car at the car pound. Some streets have free parking, others have metered pay and display parking (indicated by blue bays painted on the road) and others allow parking under certain circumstances. Do check signage for operating hours and dates as these may vary per street and time of year. Municipal and private car parks are available in and around town. See the map of car parks below.

Blue Zone (Pay & Display): For operating hours and rates of the varios pay and display areas around town, please consult the town hall website: Should you be fined for exceeding the time limit shown on your ticket you can make a “voluntary fine cancellation” (follow the instructions on the meter) which costs less than 10€ provided it is paid on the same day and within the time frame indicated on the fine.
Should you have to pay a fine, there is a 30% reduction provided the fine is paid within 30 days of the issue date.

Sitges Residents: Sitges residents (officially registered in the census, “empadronat”), may request the free resident sticker for their car. Pay & display parking offers special rates for residents: 2€ for the day or 1€ for morning or afternoon. In some pay & display areas such as that of Aiguadolç or La Plana, parking is free if the resident sticker is displayed.

The resident sticker is availble year round from the OAC office. Requirements are as follows:

The person making the request must be registered in the “Padró de Sitges” (census).
He/She must have no outstanding fines due to the town hall.
The vehicle must be registed and paying tax in Sitges. If the car is a lease, it should be in the name of the person making the request.
If the vehicle is registered in Sitges under a company name, there is a limit of three resident stickers per company. If a company car is not registered in Sitges, the company must certify the exclusive use of the vehicle by a resident who is registered in the “Padró de Sitges”. The resident sticker should be displayed on the lower right hand of the windshield.

Oficina d’Atenció Ciutadana (OAC) – Centre
Carrer Nou 12
08870 – Sitges
Tel. 010 – +34 938114804
Oficina d’Atenció Ciutadana (OAC) de Garraf
Plaça del Baró de Güell
08871 – Sitges (Garraf)
Tel. +34 936320092
Oficina d’Atenció Ciutadana (OAC) Les Botigues
Pg Marítim de les Botigues, 1
08860 – Sitges (Les Botigues de Sitges)
Tel. +34 936360833