Teatros en Sitges

The institutions of El Retiro and El Prado, previously mentioned under the cinema heading, also host sporadic theatre events, but they have no fixed calendar and the agenda has to be consulted.

Under the Sitges cultural program of La Pregonera Sitges 2022, different performing arts events are scheduled, among them, the theater, where you can check the Theater in Sitges 2022 billboard

At Christmas they put on the traditional Catalán nativity play of  “Els Pastorets” in mid-December at the Casino Prado.

During the year there are theater performances in different settings in Sitges under the annual cultural program of La Pregonera Sitges 2022, but it does not have a fixed calendar and you have to consult the theater agenda.

The Sitges Women’s Association, currently at 280 members, organizes activities such as “sevillana” dancing lessons, yoga and theatre outings among others. For more information contact Tel. 93 894 07 82.

Sitges ETC is an amateur drama group that regularly performs English language theatre in Sitges. Although the working language is English, membership is open to all. The official address of Sitges ETC is c/o The Hotel Liberty, C. Isla de Cuba 45, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona, which is where many of the meetings take place.

The English Theatre Company offers “made to measure” English speaking, educational theatre for students of English and puts on performances at schools and institutes. Themes and subjects for the plays are chosen according to the age of the audience and their level of English will determine the language used. All actors are professional native speaking actors.
e.mail: info@englishtheatrecompany.com
Telf. 93 896 31 51

Theater performances in Sitges

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La Pregonera ~ Program 2022

La Pregonera – Cultural program of Sitges about performing arts

Sitges City Council organizes an annual performing arts cultural program called “La Pregonera” with more than 40 proposals that include theater, concerts, music, dance, circus, exhibitions and family shows.

Check in this link the program La Pregonera Sitges for 2022

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